Marketing Action Plan for Schools

It's time to update your marketing plan to grow enrolment during and after the pandemic. IMPACT International can help you increase admissions whilst remaining true to your school values with a marketing action plan that covers:

  • Growing and Maintaining Brand Visibility
  • Setting and benchmarking admissions KPI's
  • Streamlining internal processes
  • Optimizing your marketing strategy

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Today’s enrollment is a result of your marketing efforts from one to three years ago.

To be competitive you need a plan that solidifies a unique market position for your brand. Your action plan must build off the foundation of your school's unique strengths, values, and community; a plan that establishes Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or metrics of success. Clarity of your target audience, personalized messaging, task management, and capable human resources are required to execute a digital admissions plan that effectively attracts families.

What is a Marketing Action Plan?

The IMPACT Marketing Action Plan (MAP) is a hands-on, interactive workshop that walks your communications, marketing, and admissions teams through the creation and execution of a complete admissions campaign that nurtures a prospective family from brand awareness through to a submitted admissions application.

This is not a generic “how-to” workshop or online course. Our School IMPACT Consultants have extensive independent school experience and are dedicated to your team and your school’s unique brand position in the market, even if we have to help you articulate what that position is. We believe your brand starts and ends with the family experience of your school. We take the time to understand your values and vision and then proceed to help you formulate a plan that clearly communicates your message to the right families.

The result is an actionable plan with set tasks, timelines, and accountabilities for your team. Most importantly, MAP provides a strategy template from which the team can repeatedly create and launch consecutive campaigns for admissions, human resources, or development.

MAP delivery is flexible. Your School IMPACT Consultant will facilitate the workshop over a six to eight week period or through shorter, more intensive workshops catered to your schedule. Workshops can be delivered virtually or in your office, depending on locations and current regional COVID-19 restrictions.

Outcomes and Deliverables

A complete, written marketing plan will provide you and your team with the tools you need to begin your marketing strategy development or to ramp up your current efforts with your existing team and resources. 

Brand DNA Profile

The Brand DNA Profile includes a unique school profile and client profile that will help define how your educational organization shows up in relation to other schools being considered.

Compass Set

A compass set helps your team set marketing objectives and goals.

This data set includes baseline traffic and search data, KPIs, and goals/objectives.

Content and Resource Audit

Most educational organizations have existing content that can be incorporated into various marketing campaigns or rewritten and reused. The “Content” part of the Content and Resource Audit is a way to start cataloging existing and future content.

Implementation plan

Organizing timelines and accountabilities on a content calendar along with a plan to create blog post topics, social media marketing posts, offers, lead nurturing, and a paid media plan.

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The impact of the pandemic is far reaching. From decreased mobility of families, their limited ability to tour schools, shifts in family income, plus the increased need for homeschooling support and necessity of online learning, the private school market has made a big shift. Still, the admissions process is personal and requires real conversations with real people at a certain stage of the journey. 

A solid digital marketing plan will engage families earlier in their research process and maintain engagement until they are ready to have that direct interaction with an admissions professional. 

Our personalized MAP workshop delivers a strong return on investment (ROI). 

Your school will learn a replicable methodology for strategizing and creating content for a specific target audience.

This will help:

  • Expand your school's brand visibility online and increase its reputation in the private school community.
  • Identify and achieve your school's KPIs regarding admissions, faculty recruitment, event attendance, alumni donations, and more.
  • Expand and improve the capacity of your internal team.
  • Create and/or improve your marketing strategies and implementation systems.


By far, the most important thing that MAP process helped our team focus on was the need to look more closely at unique individuals - that different parents, with different experiences and backgrounds all have different concerns, and that while trying hard, we are not really meeting their needs in the ways that they want. The process helped us realize that our one-size-fits-all approach to providing information and support for families is not an effective way to find the families that best fit our school mission. And perhaps the most important result for me as a director is that I feel that everyone on our team now knows that we are just scratching the surface - that there is much more work to do in order to better serve our community in a more personalized way as they consider options for schooling for their families.



We are very pleased with the service Impact provided us. They have the expertise and experience that we lacked internally. They refreshed an old and tired logo and helped us apply a cohesive, fresh and professional color palette and design scheme for all of our digital and paper marketing materials. They even went above and beyond the scope of work to get the input of interior designers to help with our admissions area, public areas and classrooms.